Men’s Silver Jewelry – Points to Consider When Gifting to Your Man

Gifting your man some fashion accessories for any forthcoming special occasion is a great idea. Men’s jewels are much in vogue these days; also, famous celebrities are going all out to make their fashion statement by adorning the choicest jewels.

If you are not sure about the fashion accessories that would be suitable for your man, it may help to refer to the below-listed pointers for helping you make up your mind.


Rather than taking a risk and opting for something outlandish, it is better to keep it simple. It may help to buy functional accessories as compared to decorative items when gifting jewels to your man. You have a choice between cuff links, watches, and tie pins. Nevertheless, if your mind is set on buying ornamental pieces, then go for basic designs in rings or bracelets.

Men’s silver bracelets are much in demand these days and constitute as a good choice to gift to your significant other. Also, they are available in standard sizes and there is no need to know your man’s the measurements if you wish to purchase these items. Where signet rings are concerned, they are available in small, medium and large sizes; therefore, you must know your man’s size prior to going hunting for these accessories.

Choice of Materials

Gold and silver are the most popular choices in men’s jewelry. In recent times, platinum also seems to have caught the fancy of men where their jewels are concerned.

Gold has yellow tones and blends well with earthy colors such as dark blue, brown or green. Silver, on the other hand, is grayish in color and can be combined with a range of shades.

Nowadays, it is also considered fashionable to mix-and-match different colors of jewels. Earlier, the norm was to team silver rings with silver-colored chains, but the latest trends are drifting away from these traditional notions.

Presently, tungsten and titanium seem to be ahead in the race because of their scratch-resistant and inexpensive features. Alloys including stainless steel and brass are also garnering popularity and team well when flaunting a casual look.

Leather-based fashion accessories are also recording higher sales numbers in men’s jewelry.

Another splendid gifting idea is to mount birthstones in men’s accessories such as rings, bracelets, watches, pendants or tie clips.


Men are more emotionally attached to their belongings as compared to women. This seems to be the case with their accessories as well. If an item has special significance to a place or person, it is more likely that they will wear those items often. For this reason, engraving a personalized message in bracelets, rings, money clips, pendants or money clips can make the jewelry gifts more special and you can be sure they will treasure these belongings.

Engravings can consist of a memorable date, initials, his favorite quote or phrase or a loving message.

On a concluding note, we advise that when you are planning to gift jewels to your man, you must make sure that the accessory is within his comfort zone. Also, it must have sentimental value attached to it. Do not go overboard and experiment by buying something unconventional only because it costs more. Keep a balanced head and you are sure to make the right choice.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Smartphone Accessories

Nowadays, it’s not easy to buy a smartphone. On the other hand, buying smartphone accessories is not as hard as buying a phone, but you still need to consider a few things before buying accessories. Given below is a description of 5 things that you may want to consider while making this decision. Read on to know more.

1. Active and passive features

First of all, smartphone accessories can be divided into two categories for ease of understanding: active and passive. As the name suggests, passive accessories don’t perform a function. Some examples include a skin or cover for the phone. On the other hand, active ones perform a set of important functions, such as the camera lens, and Bluetooth earphones.

Don’t just count the features of the product that you have made your mind to buy. What you need to do is find out if the listed features really matter to you. So, you may want to read the features and compare each one to that of the competitors. This will help you make an informed decision. As a general rule, if you have no idea how to make the comparison, we suggest that you go for a reputable brand.

2. Quality and features

Some accessories won’t cost much but the features are appealing so you may end up buying that thing even if the brand is not a trusted one. But what you need to do is ensure that the accessory comes from a trust worthy brand or at least it’s semi-branded.

3. Warranty And Product Return

If a product comes with warranty, rest assured that it’s a reliable one. One way to know if a product is suitable is to look at its quality and cost. However, you may also want to take into account the return policy. Each product comes with a return policy, which is set by the company.

4. Price Drop

There are a lot of online stores that can help you save a lot of money. Aside from this, there are tons of add-ons and tools that notify you as soon as the price of a product comes down. So, it’s a good idea to use these tools to take advantage of the price drop.

5. User Friendly

Apart from price and quality, you may also want to check if the features of the product are important for you. The features should be user-friendly. For instance, a smart watch can’t be smart if its features and design is not user friendly. As a matter of fact, a product that is user friendly can save you a lot of time and money.

The takeaway

Hopefully, this guide can help you make an informed decision. You can buy a tempered glass protection or a selfie stick, but make sure that you choose the best product based on the advice given in this guide. It’s also important to buy at the right time and at the right price. Just make sure that you buy from a reputable brand as an unknown brand may not be true to its words and the product may not meet your expectations.